Our team presented two papers at the 32nd conference on electronic speech signal processing (03-05 Mar 2021).

Our team presented a poster on "Exploring the presence and absence of inhalation noises when speaking and when listening" at the International Speech Production Seminar (14-18 Dec 2020).

Our team presented two posters at Bielefeld's 2020 Laughter Workshop. The first poster is by Beeke Muhlack, L1 and L2 production of non-lexical hesitation particles of German and English native speakers [Paper] [Poster] and the second poster is by Jürgen Trouvain and Raphael Werner, Comparing annotations of non-verbal vocalisations in speech corpora [Paper] [Poster].

Our team presented two posters at the 16th Phonetik & Phonologie (P&P '20) conference organised by the colleagues in Trier: Beeke Muhlack with The vowel quality of non-lexical hesitation particles in German and English L1 and L2 speech [Abstract] [Poster] and Mikey Elmers with Pause-internal phonetic particles in speech communication [Abstract] [Poster].

We have a paper called "An acoustic analysis of inbreath noises in read and spontaneous speech" (authored by Trouvain, Werner and Möbius) at Speech Prosody 2020 in Tokyo.

We welcome two more PhD researchers, Beeke Muhlack and Mikey Elmers.

Raphael Werner (together with Jürgen Trouvain and Bernd Möbius) gave a presentation on "Ein sprachübergreifender Vergleich des Pausenverhaltens natürlicher Sprecher in verschiedenen Sprechtempi mit TTS-Systemen" at the "31st Conference on Electronic Processing of Speech Signals (Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung)" at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

Respiration Workshop at Saarland University.

Jürgen Trouvain (together with Raphael Werner and Bernd Möbius) gave a presentation "On acoustic features of inhalation noises in read and spontaneous speech" at the "1st International Seminar on the Foundations of Speech (SEFOS) - Breathing, Pausing, and the VOICE" at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg.

We welcome our first PhD researcher to the project, Raphael Werner.